Pleasure Postponed

Cave de Saumur Saumur ChampignyPlease don’t feel sorry for me, but I have so much wine in my condo I am tripping over the stuff. It’s everywhere. Stacked high in boxes in my living room, stashed behind my chaise lounge, and laying down on the shelves of my TV stand. It’s a virtual glut of wine. It’s even hidden at the foot of my bed. There may even be some under my bed. I am afraid to look.

As a Wine Steward I am given samples by wineries and wholesalers. It is my duty and obligation to open these aforementioned bottles for “sensory analysis”. These wines are contenders for being placed on display at my store. The exciting prospects get opened immediately, preferably with a friend. This is not always possible. The potentiality that the next wine poured will be mind-blowing and life changing keeps the job exciting.

The last great wine was a 2006 Cave de Saumur, Saumur-Champigny Les Poyeux from the Loire Valley. Made from Cabernet Franc it was quite typical of the region. There was a “green” note to this elegant red wine that makes me crazy giddy. Additionally it is light-bodied enough that it would pair with foods thought to only be compatible with whites. Wished I had a grilled center-cut of king salmon with roasted root vegetables to go along with. Roasted chicken would have been fine too. Unfortunately the only activity that day was hanging closet shelves, not enjoying a well thought-out meal to accompany this delight. The saving grace was there was at the very least someone who could appreciate the wine with me. That said I hereby resolve to open more wine more frequently. After all, never ever postpone pleasure.


4 thoughts on “Pleasure Postponed

    • I think there is a bottle of port and glasses hidden there that I stashed way from party guests. This amuses me.

    • Maggie, there are a lot of bottles hanging around that nobody should ever drink. You have to take the good with the bad.

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