Further. Wash responsibly.

Fortunately I have few regrets in life. I am sorry I am not the owner of the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. That I was not the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie. And that I didn’t come up with the idea for Further lotion, hand soap and candles.

Marshall and Megan Dostal are the brilliant folks behind Further Products. Marshall was producing bio-fuel for his car in a homemade lab in his garage out of depleted waste grease from restaurants in the Los Angeles area. When Megan saw the by-product barrels of glycerin accumulating in the family garage she suggested he come-up with a use for glycerin. Frequently the glycerin is disposed of by dumping in landfills, burning or by composting. Marshall saw greater potential and a more responsible use for the valuable by-product. Thus Further Products was born. It appears that Marshall is the first person to produce a retail product made from reclaimed glycerin.

Further Products are gently fragranced with bergamot, olive and exotic grasses. The hand lotion is particularly wonderful. Silky in texture, the lotion is easily absorbed into the skin without being greasy. It is one of the best lotions I have ever encountered. The Further product line also includes a hand soap and a candle. Currently the candles are made from depleted waste grease from former Seattleite Mario Batali’s MOZZA restaurant.

In the Seattle area you can find them at all Town and Country Markets and Central Markets. He tells me that he hopes to produce products from reclaimed grease from this grocery store chain so we can participate first hand in closing the sustainable circle.


5 thoughts on “Further. Wash responsibly.

    • Thanks for your comment Shannon. My mother would mold small chips of soap into soap balls so they were never wasted. I was amazed when told that by-product glycerin was being destroyed. The final purifying step, running the dirty glycerin through charcoal I am sure is a chore. These products are so beautiful I am glad the effort is being made.

  1. I love that. Nothing better than making good use of everything and leaving as little waste in the process as possible. Hope to read more reviews from you in the future. With all the overwhelming number of products out there it’s good to have a person who knows what she’s talking about and sees the bigger picture.

    • Thanks Jutta! I too thought it was an inspired idea and one that people should know about. Highly recommend you trying the product.

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